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AdvancED is a continuous improvement service organization, offering a number of tools and resources, along with accreditation protocol. Institutions committed to high standards of education quality and continuous improvement value the independent third-party evaluation, validation, feedback, and insight gleaned from external experts through our protocol.  Accreditation provides pivotal data and information to help propel the institution forward, as well as support and accountability to further elevate the institution’s quality and commitment to continuous improvement.  Using a set of rigorous research-based standards and additional evidence-based criteria, our accreditation process examines the whole institution—the policies, programs, practices, learning conditions, cultural context—to determine how well the parts work together to accomplish the institution’s vision and meet the needs of every learner. 

While achieving accreditation is clearly a mark of distinction, the real value is the customized continuous improvement process built at the local level to guide the institution’s improvement efforts. Beyond this, institutions also benefit by the following: 

  • Highly skilled and trained Engagement Review Teams comprised of peer reviewers gather first-hand evidence and information pertinent to evaluating an institution’s performance against our research-based AdvancED Performance Standards.
  • Administrators and educators receive actionable data from independent third-party observation of student engagement in the learning environment to empower local decision-making and improve teaching and learning.
  • Institutions gain valuable perspective of students and a thorough understanding of the beliefs, perspectives, and experiences of all stakeholder groups in order to target improvement strategies.
  • Successful institutions receive internationally recognized distinction of quality through AdvancED Accreditation that allows them to market the quality of their institution with confidence and external validation.
  • All institutions that host Engagement Review Teams receive targeted Improvement Priorities provided during the Accreditation process that help elevate them on their improvement journey and focus their actions and resources to those high priority elements, which have the highest potential for yielding the greatest gains in student achievement and organizational effectiveness.
  • Institutions receive expert technical assistance in preparation for the Accreditation Engagement Review process, which helps assure the continuous improvement process is customized and personalized to the unique needs of the school.

Please note that the school seeking accreditation must become an AdvancED Improvement Network (AIN) member.

What’s included in the AIN membership:

Research-based Tools and Resources: The AdvancED Continuous Improvement System, including the AdvancED Performance Standards, School and System Quality Factors, and a suite of aligned data collection and diagnostic tools, workbooks, and resources to help facilitate a meaningful data-driven improvement journey (Access to School and Systems Resources website, STEM Placement Guide and Accreditation Placement Guide).

Software License:
One-year license for eProve™, including the Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool® (eleot®) and the ability to benchmark your institution’s survey, inventory, and diagnostic results against the AdvancED Improvement Network average, using AdvancED Certified Content templates.

Training and Professional Development:

  • Online CIS training videos, materials and webinar recordings
  • Online eleot training and certification course – three seats
  • Invitation to local AdvancED workshops and conferences
  • Subscription to The Source

Technical Assistance and Support Services:

  • Up to four hours of virtual technical assistance to help guide and support your institution’s improvement journey
  • Ongoing customer service and technical support

Recognition/Designation: Rights to use the AdvancED Improvement Network membership seal

Once you’ve established membership, you will then have access to our eProve tools.

More information is available at 

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