Company Overview
The Total Digital Hallpass Solution - Students create requests on their device.  Dashboard displays who is in the hall, boosting security and accountability.  Limit the number of passes a student may have.  Create on-demand or future passes with Appointment Pass.  View pass history and run reports.  Free no-obligation Pilots. 

FlexTime Manager:
Allow your students to personalize their activity period (homeroom/remediation period) every day with FlexTime Manager (FTM). FTM is a unique, innovative cloud-based program that allows 1:1 schools to offer all kinds of activities (remediation, acceleration, credit-bearing seminars, clubs, etc.) every day to learners without any typical administrative headaches. FTM can also help schools free up additional PD time for departments to meet in teams.

Personalized Masters in Educational Technology (15K no additional fees)
Unparalleled flexibility and customization, with over 50 cutting-edge technology-focused courses to choose from, and available 100% online.


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Nathan Hammond

Executive Director / CEO at e-hallpass & FlexTime Manager

Southeastern Pennsylvania UNITED STATES